Sunday, October 15, 2006

Oh Deer

I feel the need to share the deer story, listed as an impetus for starting this blog. I now have a forum, if not an audience, and that is good enough for me.

Here's the scene: I'm walking back from an incredibly boring accounting class (cost allocation! fun!), thinking about what I'm going to make for dinner (Trader Joe's basil-encrusted cod, butternut squash, soy ice cream sandwich for dessert). My route takes me past the science building on a commonly traveled road. But today, people are slowing as they pass the lawn near the doors of the science building. That's when I notice a cop, wearing latex gloves, holding a pointed gun. I overhear him advise a girl walking into the building that if she doesn't want to see any gore she should keep walking. Hmmm, just what you want to hear from a guy holding a pointed gun. I also heard something about having to put it down, and gathered that he was talking about an animal quickly enough to be curious rather than terrified. So I slow down along with everyone else and look for the mountain lion or something. Then I see the light brown lump laying on the grass. The guy walking next to me mentions a deer while talking on his cell. At this point social boundaries have lowered and I interrupt his conversation to figure out what's going on. "Is that a deer?" "Ya, and it wasn't looking very good." "They're going to shoot it?" "BANG!" Yes, apparently they were. "They just shot Bambi!" Yes, I actually said that, but I know the girl standing next to me was thinking the same thing. Now there were four of us bunched together, walking quickly away from the carnage and confirming what we just witnessed. "BANG!" Apparently it took more than one shot to kill a deer laying on the ground five feet from the shooter. Venison anyone?

The story doesn't end there. Actually, it really does, I just want to create a new ending for it because that one is depressing. The next night, I'm walking to my apartment from the parking lot. It's an on-campus apartment that backs up to a lovely hillside filled with all manner of squirrels, birds, snakes, tarantulas, etc. It also hosts quite a few deer, one of which probably wandered into the center of campus in an injured stupor and was promptly shot by the campus police, but that animal's story has already been told. This night there is a new deer, new to me, but also to the world, a fawn to be exact. Now I know, don't feed the bears, don't pet the raccoons, but it was just so cute, I had to try. I got within about fifty feet of it, creeping slowly through the lot, looking absolutely ridiculous I'm sure. Here is where the deer sensed my plan, and I sensed my own silliness, a grown woman (um, sort of?), chasing after a wild animal in a deserted parking lot with hopes of petting it. The fawn began to hop away. I can't adequately describe the hop of this small deer. Picture a wobbly puppy scampering through tall grass. The back legs spring up a bit too high, "Wow, I didn't know I was so springy," thinks the deer. So the front legs shoot out to compensate, sending the back legs bounding up once more. Adorable. Such a circle of life moment, you know: one deer gets shot in front of the science building, the next night its sprightly counterpart hops happily through a parking lot. My friend pointed out that it could have been this very fawn's mother that was put down, which does make the story less "Lion King" and more "Bambi: Live Action." Hmm, oh well.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Opening the Blinds

It's time to start putting my thoughts somewhere. Just writing these words makes me want to close the door to my room.

College apartments don't lend themselves to privacy. Right now I can look straight into the apartment of the guys in the building next door. Sometimes we even write notes back and forth on white boards, communicating in a laughably tedious way considering the short distance between our rooms, and the fact that we all have phones. Then there's that awkward moment when we're both bored with the interaction, but how to end it? Closing the blinds seems abrupt, almost rude. But then there we are, still in full view of each other, a building away with no escape.

I decided tonight that I need an escape. Part of it is that sometimes my professors are just begging to be written about. Part of it is that I'm an impassioned, idealistic, completely naive college student. Part of it is that the campus police shot a deer in front of the science building as I was walking back from class and my first thought was, "I really should tell the internet about this. Oh wait, I don't have a blog." So here I am, resisting the strongest urge to turn back, to shut the blinds and keep my thoughts to myself.